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Welcome to DNSPL

DNSPL is a System Integration Organization drive and managed by the team of experts having more than 2 decades of experience in the field of Networking Solutions, Project Management & Deployment and Manpower Outsourcing.

Solutions & Services

IT Consulting

DNSPL define, design and execute strategies that drive your business growth, reduce costs and create new revenue streams. Emerging technologies and changing business models are driving a shift in the role of IT - from leveraging technology in support of the business, to the higher, more strategic goal of protecting and enhancing business value.

Hardware as a service

We provide hardware as a Service programs (Rental Service) from DNSPL are an effective way to ease your frustrations from the regular need for new equipment and its effect on your budget. We provide infrastructure hardware, operating systems, and other software and warranty services for servers, desktops, laptops, routers, switches, and firewalls.


Enterprise unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) environments are often fragmented and one of the most important trends for enterprises with multiple service networks and differing solutions for voice, video, contact center, and collaboration. In addition to vast technology and topology complexities, IT can easily become overloaded due to the high volume and diversity of operational events.


Virtualization is the technology, with capabilities that allow businesses to separate resources and services from the underlying physical delivery of those services. In other words, virtualization allows you to do more with less. For example, with virtual memory, your software can access more memory than is physically installed in your computer

Network Security

DNSPL creates tailor-made security solutions that are built around your unique business needs. Whether your organization is in need of PC protection, data security management, Internet security, network and data security, spyware protection, computer data security, wireless network security, or virus removal, we've got it.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services are a cost effective way for small and medium sized businesses to outsource their IT needs at a lower cost than hiring IT personnel or even building an in-house IT support department. Managed IT Services simplify IT operations and allow Networking Solutions .


We have an energetic team of over 100 professionals specializing in Network Integration, Servers, AV Integration, Communications, Physical and Information Security & Building Management Systems. We have one of the best trained teams in the industry, providing custom design and installation services. A hunger to learn and grow is what propels our team to attempt and achieve ever higher goals.

DNSPL is the smart choice, delivering the most comprehensive range of solutions to meet the needs of today’s residential, commercial and industrial customers in across the India.

  • Managed IT Services
  • IT Consulting
  • Hardware as a service
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